Windsurfing Booster Gordon Tang Primes his Team for 2023 SEA Games

gordon tangAnticipation surrounding the 2023 Southeast Asian (SEA) Games continues to grow and Gordon Tang, also known as Yigang Tang, says that his National Olympic Committee of Cambodia (NOCC) is looking forward to participating in the event. As president of the Cambodia Sailing Federation and vice president of the NOCC, Gordon Tang has worked hard to ensure that members of his team are ready for the 2023 SEA Games. Athletes from countries including Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Laos, Indonesia and more will also be present. In fact, The Phnom Penh Post reported in September 2017 that members of Cambodia’s three-man sailing team recently made noteworthy finishes during the Johor International Regatta, in Malaysia. According to media reports, Gordon Tang (Yigang Tang) has also stepped up to offer financial support of his sailing team as well as logistical support so that athletes can travel for top-tier training.

“With our first sailing participation in the SEA Games water sports, enthusiasts can look forward to more and more activities. It augurs well for our federation’s vision to make sailing one of the core sports on offer when Cambodia hosts the 2023 edition,” Gordon Tang told the Post in July 2017. The site that will be home to the 2023 games is an Olympic Park-style facility that has yet to be built, but has been approved. The Morodok Techo National Sports Complex is projected to include six arenas and can sit 60,000 fans. Media reports indicate that backers of the SEA Games and this stadium are pulling out all the stops, having a projected price tag of at least $100 million USD as estimated by engineers.

Another reason why Gordon Tang (Yigang  Tang) is so excited for the event is because of his love of windsurfing as a competitive sailor. In fact, he was among the first professional windsurfers from China during the early 1980s and has traveled the globe for the best windsurfing waters. Given Tang’s high-profile business roles, including chairman of the American Pacific International Capital, it’s easy to see why he has taken on a prominent role in planning for attendance at the 2023 SEA Games. Tang is no stranger to high stakes and is comfortable with fluctuating business conditions. With the SEA Games still some six years out, Tang is getting his athletes ready while working closely with fellow NOCC leadership to ensure attendance and that the competition goes smoothly and successfully.

Per the September 2017 Post article, Cambodian sailor Heang Sunheng — who is a member of Gordon Tang’s Cambodia Sailing Federation team — nabbed a third-place bronze medal in the recent Malaysia Sailing regatta competition. Tang told the newspaper that this win will likely be the precursor to a “positive trend for growth” for sailing in Cambodia. As evidence of his dedication to water sports and the upcoming games, the Post also reported that Tang made a $10,000 donation that helped SEA Games gymnastics hopeful Sam Rim train in China. “I am extremely grateful to our federation’s Vice President Gordon Tang for supporting this program with his yearly donation of $10,000 to us,” Cambodia Gymnastics Federation Secretary-General Nay Phonna told the newspaper in June 2017.

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