Gordon Tang, also known as Yigang Tang, is reputed to have remarkable business acumen in the commercial real estate circle. He has developed his business ventures in both China and the United States. In fact, the Singapore Business Review has credited Gordon Tang (Yigang Tang) with turning around numerous businesses in Asia and the United States.

As someone who has held several executive positions, Gordon Tang (Yigang Tang) is also very familiar with the boardroom and can bring great insight to various business ventures. Tang has overseen companies that specialize in real estate investment and development, which makes him a valuable advisor in this field.

Tang’s philanthropic engagement is just as impressive.  While he thoroughly enjoys windsurfing he puts his passion to good use as an advisor to the Windsurfing Association of Singapore. One thing that makes Tang happier than feeling the wind against his face on the open water is helping others experience the same excitement.

Tang’s another passion is the art of Judo. He has used his knowledge and resources to help support the Singapore Judo Federation.

Gordon Tang’s (Yigang Tang) giving doesn’t end there.  He has donated nearly $1 million (USD) to several charitable organizations in the U.S. and $2 million (USD) to the International Olympic Museum. Tang also donated 300 million RMB to the Shantou Olympic Sports Academy.  He believes that he would not have had such success in life without the help of others, and therefore, giving back is not just good for business, but more importantly, it’s a noble thing one must do.